The Gaming Industry is constantly growing at an exponentially large rate. We have come along way from Nintendo and Duck Hunter. Today we have gaming consoles that are on par with supercomputers and we can build custom gaming pc that is as powerful as supercomputers if not more powerful. Gaming is a big and popular hobby and to some, it’s an Occupation, believe it or not, there is money to be made in this profession.

Are you a Gamer? Are you interested in becoming a “Pro Gamer”? Well, you’re in luck… Here are 5 Ways You Can Make Money As A Gamer.

#1. Becoming An Gamer Tester

Believe it or not, there are many companies that will hire you to test video games for pay. most of these companies pay terrible, but its a good way to get your foot in the door that could lead to a prosperous career. However, there are some things to think about before taking on this opportunity.

Most of these games require rigorous testing and the bad part is your not going to be playing games that YOU want to play. You might be testing some boring to the core strategy game trying to break it. Also, when testing a game most have paper work that goes with it.

You have to properly document your work in detailed “Testing Document” and according to my research and word of mouth, this is what makes or breaks you getting hired and sticking around.

So if your a person who can test boring and sometimes interesting videos games then this is for you. You will spend your time testing for bugs of all kinds documenting them in an easy to follow detailed document for the developers. If this is something that interests you then this is defiantly for you.

If you are interested in finding a Game Tester Job, then check out this search on there are some interesting openings currently.

Good Luck.


#2. Video Game Farming

So some of you are probably wondering what is Video Game Farming? Believe it or not, this has been around for a while. What Video Game Farming is in simple terms is when a user will farm for gold, items or leveling up a character for you for a free. This is is really popular with RPG element video games, especially ones that have some kind of chat or trade system.

Some of the most popular games that do this is WOW (World Of Warcraft), Warframe, Tom Clancy’s The Division (Back in the day) and many others. Usually, if they have an RPG element and you trust the user then they can access your account farm for you and you pay them, simple transaction.

You can really make some side income doing this if this is something that interests you. The best way to get the work is to put the word on forums or Reddit or any particular chat area that talk about the game in question. I am sure you will find somebody that doesn’t have all day to grind and need somebody to do it for them.

#3. Create and Publish Game Guides

Another great way to make some extra doe is to create and publish game guides. Of course, in a sense Game Guides is kind of a dying thing. I remember back in the day when I got stuck on a game I use to go to a website called to find a written game guide to follow, but that when they use to make RPG games like crazy. Games is so different now, it’s kinda good and bad.

Anyways, if you don’t mind writing and playing a game to its fullest, then consider becoming a Game Guide Publisher. I am not sure how the copyright things go, but If i was going to do this I would buy an official game guide for a game if it exists… As I said its a dying thing… Then I would write my own guide in my own words with my own pictures. Then you could PDF it and sell it since you created it.

Again, I am not sure about the copyright status on this, I would check them out before following that advice. The reason I say that is because of these days censorship and copyright and this Article 13 stuff better safe than sorry.

#4. Become a YouTube Let’s Player

One of the most popular ways most professional gamers make a living online is to make Let’s Play Video of games. Let’s Play videos are usually Video Game Playthroughs or Walkthroughs with commentary. The idea is to give a comedic or interesting spin on it or basically showing your personality.

Over the years we have seen YouTube being saturated with Let’s Players so if this is something you want to do, please do something more unique and interesting.

One of the most popular if not the most popular Let’s Player on YouTube is theRadBrad. This guy started from nothing and today have either close or over 10 million subscribers. I was watching his videos back when he had about 2 or 3 million subs maybe way less… Let’s just say I been watching him for years. He plays just about every video game that comes out, so if this is something you want to do defiantly go check out some of his video series, you might learn something.

 Checkout One his Video Below! He has been doing this for over 5 years and he plays just about every game that comes out. So I am sure you will find a series worth watching. 

#5. Sell Your Game Characters

This is a very popular market place in MMO games such as WOW and other games that are similar. If you have a character that you grind and put 100s to 1000s of hours into and don’t use them anymore, why not sell them.

There are ways for you to sell accounts to other gamers for a fee. There are some gamers who actually make some great side income doing this. There are platforms for this particular trade which are called Player Auctions. 

So if you playing an MMO and have some characters to sell, do a google search and find a forum or platform to sell them and make some extra money while you enjoy playing your favorite games.

Final Thoughts

These are all great ways to earn some extra income online as a professional gamer. Some are hard to accomplish than others, but most importantly they will take time to prosper. This is not an overnight thing unless you’re just Awesome like that.

Out of all of these, I personally have to recommend Let’s Plays and Streaming before any other. So this is why I wanted to add some additional information on this topic more because I have seen personal success in this area over the years. I have had a successful gaming YouTube Channel and Streamed some too and I saw some great rewards. Most importantly you meet some amazing people and you have fun in the process and make some extra income in the process as well.

My #1 Recommendation is Let’s Plays and Streaming

The reason I choose Let’s Plays and Streaming is because its popular and it works. YouTube is saturated with Let’s Players with there own unique spin on things which makes them entertainers. Over the years steaming has become a big thing as well, Twitch TV know owned by Google is the biggest live streaming Gaming platform on the web. Google is buying up everything these days.

This is actually a good thing because tying in Twitch.TV, YouTube, and Google can make you some extra income online through ad revenue and promotion. Not to mention if you become somewhat popular you can get endorsements from big companies like Nvidia, and other big-name companies. You can also get Video Games early before release to do your reviews or Let’s Plays and more.

This is a great opportunity for many gamers out there but I know it can be hard to know where to start that why I wanted to talk a little about how to get started from my experience and maybe its something you could give a try. I promise you its very rewarding and you already love gaming why not make some money out of it.

However, with that said, please don’t be common. What I mean is that this market is saturated with gamers that are streamers and Let’s Players. So be unique and different but at the same time be yourself. This will help you stand out.

I will be making another guide that will show in a step by step fashion that I personally used and others to get starts as a Let’s Player and Streamer. Of course, these may not be the best ways nor the best equipment to try and purchase but its a good starting point. 

I will link to that post when it’s complete from this post. 

I hope these tips help you out and to see that you can make a living a Gamer, Yep MOM AND DAD YOU WAS WRONG!

Robert Gee


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