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WHat IS PC Hardware Junkies?

Our Story

PC Hardware Junkies was created by Robert Gee. You can find his photo and info below. PCHJ is an info/tech website that showcases Custom Gaming PC Builds, Reviews and General Trending Information within the Gaming and Tech Gaming (PC Gaming) World. Not only does PCHJ provide recommended Gaming PC Builds that range from $300 to over $2000, they also provide you with accurate information such as benchmarks, capabilities and more of each PC Hardware Component as well as recommended places to by to save you the most money possible. We here at PC Hardware Junkies strive to make PCHJ the best place to get “straight to the point” information on build your dream Custom Gaming Rig with your budget.

Our Mission

Our mission here at PC Hardware Junkies is simple. We strive to give accurate and precise information about all the recommended PC Hardware Components we share. We will always relay viable information for each part as well we will not provide false information for sponsorship or lack there of. We boast or opinions and they are important to use, so if a product is bad guess what… ITS BAD. We want to build a community of PC Gamers and Console Gamers alike. We believe that everybody Gamer, Designer, Photographer, etc should have a Custom Gaming PC. Custom Gaming PC are not only just for gaming there are for all kinds of task such as Content Creation, Design and more. We want to share this to the world of tech and hopefully add so fun and excitement along the way.

Our Team


Robert Gee

Robert Gee is a BIG gaming Enthusiast  and Web Developer. He created PC Hardware Junkies to share his passion for Gaming in General and build Custom Gaming PCs.

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