These days content creation is becoming a very popular occupation. The reason for this is the freedom to work from home and make a living on your own time. However, the ROI (Return On Investment) can depend on 2 things.

  1.  Yourself
  2.  Your Equipment

This is why I made this AMAZING custom pc build specifically for content creators. I personally take price in being a content creator, I have been part of this ever-growing occupation/business for the better part of 5 years now and I have to say I am enjoying it. There is a sense of entitlement that comes with being an online entrepreneur that you’re just proud of.

But, enough about that less check out “The Best Content Creation PC Build Under $2000” that you can get today. This is the only build you will need in 2019 to get all those projects done with ease.

The Build List


AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8-Core Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X is the best 8-core processor from AMD at a budget price. AMD takes pride in their work with Multi-Core processor CPU performance versus Intel Single-Core CPU processor performance. This is what makes the 2700x ideal for content creation because of its multi-core performance.

For more information on this CPU. Check out the AMD official page.

Noctua-NH-D15 CFM CPU Cooler

Noctua D15 CPU cooler is just the best cooler to have for a gaming or content creation build. Especially if you’re going to be doing heavy processes on your CPU, which makes this ideal for this build. This cooler is also great for overclocking as well.

Depending on the Motherboard your choice you may need a special mounting kit for the D15. Since this is an AM4 board you will need the mounting kit added in this section.

For more information on this CPU Cooler. Check Out The Noctua Official Page.

Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero (WIFI)

This is a top of the line Motherboard and is a perfect choice for this build. It has SLI and Crossfire support and M.2 support as well. This build gives you plenty of functionality for future upgrades and more.

For more information on this Motherboard. Check out the official Motherboard Official Page.


G.Skill Aegis 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4-2400

This 64 Gigs of G.Skill Ram will be PLENTY of Ram for multi-tasking, especially for content creation. You can run photoshop, premiere pro, and other software at the same time with no problems at all.

For more information about this Ram. Check out the Offical G.Skill Page.

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVME M.2 2280 SSD

NVME M.2 drives are the top of the line when it comes to storage. Content creation is all about efficiency and pace and an NVME M.2 drive will help with that with its SUPER FAST transfer speeds (Read and Write Speeds).

For more information about NVME M.2 SSDs. Check Out This Page.

For more information about Samsung 970 EVO M.2 SSD. Check out the official page.

Western Digital 4TB HDD

Western Digital Drives are always the best secondary drives or primary in some cases. I feel that you should have an SSD as your main and a big HDD for your secondary, especially for content creation.

This 4TB drive should be sufficient enough to hold a lot of footage and assets. The best part is for under $100 bucks this is a steal. So if you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, I would pick up 2 or even 3 depending. However, one should be sufficient for know.

For more information about this HDD. Check out the official Western Digital page.

Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro Windforce GPU

The RTX 2060 is the mid-level GPU for the new 2000s series GPUS from Nvidia. This new RTX architecture has support for Ray Tracing technology which is supposed to change the game. However, not to many medias such as video games support this as of yet but that will quickly change in the future. Movies are already adapting higher levels of Ray tracing to make CGI and Animations look more realistic.

This is a great card for Content Creation because of its power and Cuda cores it will be a video editing powerhouse when rendering.

For more information about this GPU. Check out the official Gigabyte page.


SeaSonic Focus Plus 650 Watt 80+ Certified PSU

This 650 Watt fully modular PSU should be enough power for this build. However, I firmly believe in future proofing so if your planning on going higher in hardware why not get a more sufficient power supply. I recommend a 750 to 1000 watt PSU. That will be plenty if you wanted to add another graphics card in SLI or Crossfire or other accessories.

For more information about this PSU. Check out the official SeaSonic page

Corsair Carbide 275R W/Tempered Glass

This is a great looking case from Corsair. I wanted to go more generic here so I thought the 275R with Tempered Glass would be a good choice. Of course, you can go for another case, but I not all about the bells and whistles I just want systems that work. Call me a simple man because I am.

For more information on this case. Check out the Official Corsair Page.


Be sure to check compatibility notes on Build List. It shows that the Noctua D15 need a mounting kit that is included in the build above for AMD AM4 Motherboards.

Last Word On This Build

So there it is the best build for content creation that under $2000. This build is a great addition to your content creation toolkit. If you a video editor, blogger, graphic designer, etc or a little bit of all of it (Like Me) then you will appreciate a super fast system that can render video and edit images with a breeze.

However, you gotta hurry these prices never stay the same for long. We still have new component releasing which always puts the PC Hardware Market in flux, but soon it will normalize and hopefully, we get some good prices so we all can build a great machine under $1500 to $2000.

I hope you enjoyed the build and I have LOTS more coming, it just takes me time to curate them as I am a single father and work full-time. I appreciate all the support and everybody checking out my website.

Til the next build.

Robert Gee